Frequently Asked Questions

What do the icons on subscriber profiles mean?

Half-circle: Delivered. This means ConvertKit successfully delivered the email, but your subscriber hasn’t opened it yet.

Blue circle: Opened. This means your subscriber opened the email.

Blue circle with a smaller circle inside: Clicked. This means your subscriber clicked at least one link in your email.

Yellow circle icon: Dropped. This usually happens if:

  1. Our system receives a ‘bounce’ from the email
  2. The subscriber manually marks your email as SPAM
  3. Your emails get blacklisted by an ISP for some reason
  4. The email address is just plain invalid (i.e. somebody typed it in wrong on the optin form)
How do I get a link to my landing page?

If you click “view” at the top of the landing page editor, it will take you to a live URL, which you can copy and paste from the URL bar.

What should I do if ConvertKit doesn’t integrate with another app I use?

While we offer several direct integrations, you may come to find that one you use for your business does not integrate directly with ConvertKit. Never fear, you have options!

1. Search Zapier for the apps you use.

With Zapier, you can connect thousands of services to your ConvertKit account, with a process very similar to our own Automation rules. Use their “Explore” function to search for your app and set it up as a trigger. Check out our ConvertKit page on Zapier for some zap suggestions!

Screenshot 2016-02-02 12.51.43

2. Send a request to the app’s support team.

Integrations can come from both sides, and many of the apps you would like us to integrate with prioritize by customer demand. You can help speed up the process by submitting an integration request with the app’s support team!

3. Send a request to

We take all integration requests seriously, but please understand our developer resources are limited, and our current priority is to improve our own app. You can find out more about our priorities on our Roadmap.


My Broadcast says “Queued” or “Sending.” Is it stuck?

When you press “send,” your Broadcast enters a queue. Depending on how many other users are sending messages, and to how many subscribers, your Broadcasts can take some time to process. We are able to scale up our sending and send more Broadcasts at once, which will speed up sending.

If you see your Broadcast as Queued or Sending, please do not need to create a duplicate and try to send that Broadcast as well. Your Broadcast will be sent, but so will the duplicate.

How do I land in the Gmail Primary Box, instead of the Promotions tab?

If any of your subscribers use Gmail, there is a chance that they have the tabbed Inbox set up, which can separate emails based on the Gmail user’s engagement, past behavior, and your reputation as a sender.

The first and most important thing to keep in mind is that Gmail users may prefer to use their Inbox this way. Gmail wants to create the best experience for their customers, and that may include sending your emails to the Promotions Inbox. That’s not necessarily a reason to get discouraged! According to a Return Path survey, read rates remained mostly unchanged in the Promotions tab, and were even more likely to be diverted to Spam. Not to mention the fact that the tabbed Inbox is optional, and many users may not have it enabled.

The second thing to keep in mind is, as much as we would like to, we can’t guarantee your email will land in the Primary Inbox. There are so many factors at play, like subscriber behavior, your domain reputation, Gmail’s ever changing algorithm, and so on. But we can take steps to improve your chances!

1. Set up a custom sending domain: Using a custom email sending domain with ConvertKit

2. Run a reengagement campaign to your cold subscribers, to keep your list really clean: How to prune cold subscribers from your list

3. Run your list through a list cleaning service, like Never Bounce to remove any bad email addresses. Your list may be cleaned out in the cold subscribers first, but if you want to be extra thorough, this is a great resource!

4. Improve your content for deliverability purposes. Check out our blog post on Spam filters and best practices when it comes to making sure your emails get delivered to your subscribers: How to beat the spam filters at their own game

How do I connect a Form to a Sequence?

You can connect your form to a course under Forms > (form name) > Settings. Down at the bottom there are “Sequence Settings”.


If you don’t check the “make sequence mandatory” checkbox then there will be a new checkbox and text area on the form asking if they want to join the course. You can edit this under the Content tab.

If you already have subscribers to the form another checkbox will appear asking if you want to add them to the sequence as well.

My emails are going to spam. What should I do?

Deliverability is something we take quite seriously and we’re so glad you are too. We do our part for you – a good 30% of the effort is on our end – but the majority of actions that keep your emails away from SPAM filters are on your end. The things that we can take care of for you are:

  1. Authentication (SPF & DKIM where applicable)
  2. Automated/immediate unsubscribe handling
  3. Complaint Handling
  4. Monitoring Blacklists
  5. Managing IP Reputation
  6. Feedback Loop Management

Beyond that, it’s on the individual mailer to take care of things like keeping a clean list, overall domain reputation, email content, and contact engagement. We supply the foundation that allows our customers the possibility of 100% inbox ratings if they are following best practices. Unfortunately most marketers are blissfully unaware of their own role in getting that coveted inbox spot.

It is sometimes the case that a new customer get deliverability bumps or declines when migrating – but this is generally because anyone who had a positive reputation on a separate IP (another email provider) is now moving to a fresh sending environment – which often means a new whitelist needs to be added on the recipient’s end.

The best thing to do is to make sure you’re up to best practices in your marketing and you’ll be great – consistency is key. Those best practices are:

  1. List Cleanliness – Is your list segmented so that only the right offers go to the right tag or segment?
  2. Domain Reputation – Is anyone else mailing on behalf of your domain – one bad affiliate can cause your mail to go to Spam. That’s why we’re so protective of our domain and IPs so we can keep you safe.
  3.  Contact Engagement – Have you made use of the Cold Subscriber feature lately and pruned your list?
  4. Email Content – Are you using a spam checking tool on your messages to check the content of your email? There are all kinds of words and phrases you can use that will trigger spam filters.Use one of these services to check the spam score of your email content:

If your email scores poorly, change your content to follow the advice. If it passes just fine, get in touch with our support team and we’ll take a look.

If you’d ultimately like to setup a custom domain, your first steps to doing so are here.

What does “auto-confirm new members” mean?

The “auto-confirm new members” checkbox makes it so the incentive / confirmation email is still sent (so they can download their PDF, video, etc), but they are auto-confirmed whether they click the link or not, enabling single opt-in.